Triple Threat

Jayna, Kaya, and Leya- some of the cutest girls in Atlanta! It’s always a treat when I get to see Nandita, Oliver and the girls. This time was no exception. They are so sweet and loving, and they always make such a fuss over my visit, which is great fun! I hope you’ll enjoy this fun little summer shoot with the girls…and Oliver.

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The Sparkly Farm Girl

A picturesque lane in Georgia led me Elizabeth’s farm house. I was thrilled to have so much beautiful scenery to work with, but when Elizabeth and her mom Julie, be-bopped out the front door with their glowy demeanor and bright smiles, I knew my surroundings could not outshine my subjects. Elizabeth is a delightful combination of joyful and down to earth. She seemed just as comfortable and content in her worn-in cowbody boots as she did in her red sequined gown.  She’s the kind of girl you love instantly and feel like you’ve known your whole life. It was a true blessing to get the chance to capture her inner radiance and beautiful soul on camera.


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