Erin and Stan’s Engagement

Erin and Stan are not your stereotypical Ivy-Leaguers. They’re better. And though they may enjoy a good play or seersucker pant, their easy-going, kind nature and love for one another is what you immediately notice. Erin and I went to high school in the small town of Carmi, Illinois, so I was thrilled to reconnect with her and meet her new fiance  in Central Park (at golden hour!) for their engagement shoot. We even snuck in the Natural History Museum after hours for a photo in front of the dinosaurs. So cool. I hope you love the photos as much as Stan loves for Yale!  I can’t wait wait for their wedding next year! Erin will be the most beautiful bride!rachelonealphotography_family_newyork001rachelonealphotography_family_newyork002rachelonealphotography_family_newyork003rachelonealphotography_family_newyork004rachelonealphotography_family_newyork005rachelonealphotography_family_newyork006rachelonealphotography_family_newyork007arachelonealphotography_family_newyork008rachelonealphotography_family_newyork009rachelonealphotography_family_newyork010rachelonealphotography_family_newyork011

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Brooklyn Family Session

I’ve known of Kajal for years, but I just got to meet her for the first time last week in New York City. I’ve done shoots in Atlanta for her sister, Sonal, and friend Nandita, for the last five years, so I was thrilled to finally get to meet Kajal in person. As I hopped off the subway in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I found her gorgeous family in a colorful and stylish home, full of life and vivacity. Right away, the kids wanted to show me their room, and we bonded over stuffed animals and toy trains. From there, we had some fun in the park, just a block from their house. The youngest, Ravi, was very into his mom’s new belly and loved talking to the baby inside! I had such a great time on this shoot, and I can’t wait to go back to the big city to see them again and meet their new addition!


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Seniors 2015

I love doing senior photoshoots, and working with this group was an absolutely blast! They are my senior reps for 2015-2016, and as you can see below, we did a jam session in the park for our theme. I wanted to use a real group of friends so that the love, laughter and warmth was authentic, and that’s just what we got with them. They’re all on a rowing team together, so the session flowed so naturally. Some of them have been friends for years, and I love how happy and comfortable they all look toghether. I hope you enjoy these fun shots as much as I do!


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