Seniors 2015

I love doing senior photoshoots, and working with this group was an absolutely blast! They are my senior reps for 2015-2016, and as you can see below, we did a jam session in the park for our theme. I wanted to use a real group of friends so that the love, laughter and warmth was authentic, and that’s just what we got with them. They’re all on a rowing team together, so the session flowed so naturally. Some of them have been friends for years, and I love how happy and comfortable they all look toghether. I hope you enjoy these fun shots as much as I do!


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Triple Threat

Jayna, Kaya, and Leya- some of the cutest girls in Atlanta! It’s always a treat when I get to see Nandita, Oliver and the girls. This time was no exception. They are so sweet and loving, and they always make such a fuss over my visit, which is great fun! I hope you’ll enjoy this fun little summer shoot with the girls…and Oliver.

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