Triple Threat

Jayna, Kaya, and Leya- some of the cutest girls in Atlanta! It’s always a treat when I get to see Nandita, Oliver and the girls. This time was no exception. They are so sweet and loving, and they always make such a fuss over my visit, which is great fun! I hope you’ll enjoy this fun little summer shoot with the girls…and Oliver.

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The Sparkly Farm Girl

A picturesque lane in Georgia led me Elizabeth’s farm house. I was thrilled to have so much beautiful scenery to work with, but when Elizabeth and her mom Julie, be-bopped out the front door with their glowy demeanor and bright smiles, I knew my surroundings could not outshine my subjects. Elizabeth is a delightful combination of joyful and down to earth. She seemed just as comfortable and content in her worn-in cowbody boots as she did in her red sequined gown.  She’s the kind of girl you love instantly and feel like you’ve known your whole life. It was a true blessing to get the chance to capture her inner radiance and beautiful soul on camera.


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Whitney and Daniel’s Backyard Nuptials

Whitney and Daniel’s highly anticipated backyard wedding was the event of the season in Hurtsboro, Alabama. Whitney’s and my families are close, as my dad is their pastor in the small town, so it was a real treat for me to get to shoot this occasion. A special element was that I also got to shoot alongside my mom at R Turner Photography. From the jewel-draped chandeliers to the tree-lined aisle, the wedding was nothing short of fabulous. Whitney and Daniel matched the theme, with their cheerful attitudes and Southern attire. The crowd danced the night away poolside, and the happy couple enjoyed a grand exit via a stretch limo, to the bride’s surprise. I hope you enjoy these lovely photos of a wonderful couple’s special day.


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Natalie and Paige

Lauren brushed Natalie and Paige’s hair, secured their dainty Tiffany necklaces, and they took off running into the park to play with sticks and pull up flowers, roots and all. These sweet and spirited little girls are sure to brighten anyone’s day, and it was such a blast getting to shoot with them in Highland, Illinois a few weeks ago! You can see their love for one another and the innocence in their eyes. I hope these pictures will bless your heart!


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