Gina and Gabe’s Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to shooting Gina and Gabe’s wedding for longer than they’ve been engaged. Gina and I were first introduced at work, the amazing communication agency, Osborn Barr. We clicked immediately, and she introduced to her sister Mandy, who’s wedding I shot in 2011. I later met Gina’s (now) sister-in-law, Claire, who’s Hollywood-glam wedding I also had the pleasure of shooting. These three girls are as pretty inside as they are out, and Gina absolutely glowed on her wedding day. She was so creative. organized, calm, and utterly fabulous. Gabe, too, was quite the wonderful groom, and their entire wedding party was a joy to work with. You could really feel the love in the room when they were married at the Old Post Office in Downtown, St.Louis. Every last detail of this wedding was thought through, and I hope you will enjoy flipping through these pictures as much as I do. Blessings to Gina and Gabe. May they always rejoice in each other as they did on this special day.

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Let it Snow!

Clare and Aaron are not only our small group leaders, but they are also some of our closest friends. Little Riley has claimed our “puppy Mash” as her own, and I find myself shopping for baby Luke every time I go to the mall. We just love them to death, and they’ve been such a blessing to us, so when Clare asked me to do a “mini session” for Christmas card photos, I was THRILLED. I’ve always wanted to go to the Christmas tree “farm” in Belleville for photos, and I only wish we could’ve stayed longer to play in the snow. Enjoy these pictures of this truly beautiful family, inside and out.

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These are absolutely fabulous! Beautiful family & lovely scenery! Wow!

A Joyful Trio

Aaron and Tori are some of our favorite new friends. We met them through Cornerstone Christian Church, and their love for God and each other were evident from the first time we met them. Now, we have the pleasure of being in the same small group and doing life together. I love when you can just look at someone’s photos and tell there is something special about them, and these pictures really capture the essence of this wonderful and fun family. Their light definitely shines through- in photos and in person alike.

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Fabulousity, Feathers, and Fall

My favorite group of people to photograph is my family. So when my little cousin Kendyl asked me if we could play “dress up” and she pretend to be a Hollywood super star, I couldn’t resist being her paparazzi. She’ll quickly outgrow this stage of playing make-believe and wearing sparkly feathers. She’ll grow into red high heels and lipstick soon enough, so I was thrilled to capture her in this age of innocence. However, even though she might outgrow the Barbies, some things will carry with her, like her undeniable spark, confidence, and joy…Later in the day, we changed back into “regular” clothes and added her baby brother, Larson, to the mix for some fun fall photos. A Georgia grad myself, I couldn’t be more excited to see my cousins in red and black. Here’s to being fabulous, at any age.

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Miss Mira and Her Baby Boots

If Sonal, Russ, and Miss Mira aren’t the most fabulous and fashionable little family in Atlanta, I don’t know who is. I’ve been shooting with them since Mira was a few weeks old, and every time I come back to Atlanta, it’s always a treat to see them again. Mira has come into her own little personality, and she’s just the sweetest and cutest little girl ever. I simply adore her, and when you see these pictures, I think you will too! This is how we do fall in the city.

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