Ashley and Scott: The Wedding

Ashley and Scott are a God-serving, swing-dancing, fun-loving couple. I met them at our church, Cornerstone Christian in Shiloh, IL. It was early on in their dating relationship, and I couldn’t help but notice their sparkle and giddy disposition. They were so cute together: Scott making Ashley laugh-nonstop, and Ashley looking up at Scott- smitten. Over time, the two never lost that joy. They share a deep love that will surely last through all of the seasons of their life. Their August wedding took place at Cornerstone, followed by a reception at Andre’s in St.Louis. The party was hoppin right from the start, because Scott and Ashley are avid dancers, so the dance floor was packed all night long. I was honored to shoot this wonderful couple’s big day, and Travis and I pray great favor and blessing on their marriage.

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Erin & Ty: The Engagement

If you’ve ever been a junior high girl, you’ve been told that your lunch table defines you.
If you’ve ever been a teen in a small town, you’ve wished the basketball star would notice you.
And if you’ve ever grown into a strong, fabulous woman, you know that you didn’t stumble into that on your own.
You had a fabulous friend who made fun of the mean girls, bragged about your new hair do, ate brownies with you in your p.j’s, taught you how to drink wine and find a sale at Nordstrom.
She went places she didn’t want to go because you were there. She told you your fair skin was pretty when you wanted to be tan. She spoke up for you when others were silent and taught you how to do the same.
She’s your bestie, your partner in crime and your loyal sister.
Before there were boyfriends, there were two girlfriends who taught each other how to shine.
Before there was a fiance, there was a friend who gave approval.
I could not be happier for Erin and Ty, and I’m so incredibly honored that I get to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. They are a perfect pair, and I hope you will enjoy flipping through the photos that capture their relationship.

“I was walking along looking for somebody, and then suddenly I wasn’t anymore.” -A.A. Milner

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