Aloha ke akua

Aloha ke akua means “God is Love” in Hawaiian, and Travis and I were acutely aware of that on our beautiful trip to Maui. I had so many friends and family kind enough to ask to see photos and hear about our trip, so I wanted to do a little blog post to share our adventure.We started out in West Maui in a studio condo that was right on the water. There, we got to see several huge sea turtles coming up on the rocks. We bummed around downtown Lahaina and loved the big Banyon trees, frozen ice and quirky shops. We went on a whale-watch, which was great fun, though we did stuck in a semi-monsoon halfway through the excursion (thus the lack of whale photos!). Definitely lots of laughs and a highlight nonetheless! Next up was our helicopter tour. It felt like a scene from The Bachelor as we put on our headsets in the back of the chopper and flitted between the mountains, beside waterfalls and over humpback whales. From there, we packed up our yellow, windowless Jeep and set out on the Road to Hana. I had mentally blocked out how sharp those curves were on the side of the cliffs, and Trav didn’t appreciate my incessant gasping as we hugged the mountain for dear life, but it was an adventure we’ll never forget. And we made it safe and sound, Travis would like you to know. Our bungalow in Hana was a little piece of heaven- situated right on a secluded black sand beach. We got up every morning to see the sunrise (don’t be too impressed- our bodies were still a little bit on mainland time). We also made our way through the Upcountry, which was like a different world. At the end of our trip, we enjoyed a luau and snorkeling trip, which turned out to double as a whale-watch! ¬†God is so good! I hope you enjoy this sampling of photos from our trip.


The picture above is the famous spot, “Jaws,” where a lot of surfers go. The little blue dot you see if a surf shack.

“His love is deep, His love is wide
And it covers us
His love is fierce, His love is strong
It is furious
His love is sweet, His love is wild
And it’s waking hearts to life”



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